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"Make The Cut"

The associates will do anything to keep their jobs...anything


The tortured musician will stop at nothing to protect his dead brother's legacy.

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In quarantine, my collaborators and I discovered the surprising power of plays written and performed as video calls.

To get this work out, I founded TheSharedScreen. With the support of the Tony- and Emmy-Nom Stephen Belber, I adapted the hit play TAPE for the TheSharedScreen's first commercial production. TAPE has been produced in 25 countries and made into a movie (starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman). After a successful run in September 2020, Tape ran again in February 2021 and was named a top pick by The New York Times as "Theater to Stream."

In my guide to creating effective online theater, I coined the term "Dramatic Betweenness."  I identified that a play performed as a video call is an entirely new medium of performing arts, which offers an unprecedented and incredibly intimate audience experience that places the viewer between the players.  I am determined to continue exploring how this concept can be leveraged to draw audiences into the dramatic exploration of profound subject matter and spark change. 

TAPE Betweenness 2.png

TheSharedScreen is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded to produce impactful and accessible works of live theater through live web-based platforms. From early cinema to the silver screen and the miracles of TV, we've found our way into a digital age that threatens to distance us from one another but may lead us to discover greater artistic and theatrical intimacy than we could have imagined. We intend to help establish the conventions and standards for acting, directing, writing, designing, producing, and innovating in this medium. We welcome like-minded artists and all those who love live theater to reach out to us for more information about our activities. 

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