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Want to nail it on Zoom?


Before quarantine, I was the founder and head coach at Right Takes Studios, producing self-tapes, reel footage, short films, and youtube content.

Now I'm combining my in-person coaching techniques with my innovative technical and artistic exploration of online performance to help you nail your next audition or Zoom performance!


As an online presentation coach, I bring a unique blend of my experience as a champion speech and debate competitor and coach with my artistic and technical expertise in online presentation platforms. I'll give you the competitor's edge and the artist's touch!

Since lockdown, I've worked with keynote speakers, educators, and presenters in the world of healthcare, science, and the arts to adapt their in-person presentation skills to the online medium.

What I offer:

  • Artist's techniques for working your camera.

  • Editing and storyboarding your presentation.

  • Adapting in-person presentation for web performance.

  • Technical know-how to make you look and sound great.

  • Graphic design and slide editing.

  • Live hosting and production of your presentation.

  • Content post-production and editing.

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