Stranger Things meets The Departed

Role Types

Stranger Things   Joe Kery

The Departed   Leonardo Decaprio 

Outerbanks  Chase Stokes

Hacksaw Ridge  Andrew Garfield   

Suits  Patrick   J. Adams 

Training Day   Ethan Hawke 

Good Will Hunting​   Matt Damon   

Art Must Raise Ethical Questions

I am an NYC-based actor, producer, and coach.


I passionately foster the creation of impactful work. I founded TheSharedScreen to make live productions accessible out of isolation. I coined the concept of "Dramatic Betweenness" and I'd love to show you what that means and how it changes the way we see one another.


I was a national speech champion, led a secret life as pro wrestler, and graduated Suma Cum Laude from Northwestern University.


Larry Moss   Intensives and Coaching

Bob Krakower   Film & TV

John Dapolito   Master Scene Study

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The Skillz


RP, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Boston, New York


Hand-to-Hand, Knives, Broadsword, Choke Slams


Partner Acrobatics



Founding 501(c)3's

25 Balloon Animals in 12 minutes


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My Latest Project

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